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Welcome and thank you for visiting BobLake.Net. Our site is dedicated to providing you with information about myself and my campaign to become your next Public Service Commissioner for District #4.

Since making the decision to file for the office of Public Service Commissioner I have been met with two questions. First, ‘what does the PSC do’, which is immediately followed by, ‘you are a Senator, why do you want to leave that office?’

The Public Service Commission regulates utilities in Montana, ensuring adequate service is provided to customers at reasonable rates. The PSC generally regulates private, investor-owned natural gas, electric, telephone, water and private sewer companies doing business in Montana. In addition, the PSC regulates intrastate railroads and certain motor carriers hauling regulated commodities. The PSC oversees natural gas pipeline safety regulations. The PSC commissioners represent 5 different geographic regions of Montana. District #4 contains the counties of Lincoln, Sanders, Mineral, Missoula, Powell, Granite and my home county of Ravalli.

Those responsibilities of the PSC bring me to second question: why do I want to leave the Montana Senate?

The cost of energy has a greater impact on the economy of the State of Montana and our residents than any other item in both our home budgets and the operations of our industries. Inflated energy costs limit the spending power of families, and are a severe deterrent to both existing business and those considering Montana for relocation. For decades, the cost of power in Montana was among the lowest in the nation but deregulation changed that. We now have some of the highest cost electricity in the surrounding states. There are many factors that must be considered but it is the duty of the Public Service Commissioners to secure electricity at the absolute lowest possible price.

The first responsibility of our elected Commissioners is to protect the consumer. In order to do that, a commissioner must not bring a personal agenda that is contrary to the responsibility of the Commission which is to provide lowest possible price to you, the consumer. My pledge to you is that I will be transparent and ethical in all my actions.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my legislative work in the House and the Senate and I believe that my efforts provided many benefits to the citizens of Montana. Now, I believe that I can provide even more benefit to Montana as your Public Service Commissioner.

I am committed to the time and effort required to win this race. It is a race that will benefit the State of Montana for longer than the 4 years of the term. I will bring to the Commission a strong business background with many years of negotiating and working through difficult issues with others with diverse opinions.

To win this seat will require not just my commitment. It will also require the time, the effort and yes, the financial help from many people. It is a large district and I will need individuals in every community to be successful. Please click on the “contribute” button and “contact Bob” to volunteer to help now. We need sign locations, meet-and-greet events and community helpers.

I thank you in advance for your commitment to bring the lowest cost energy back to Montana.